Actual Clients Reading

This is an actual Reading I did for a client.
She wanted to donate it as an example of my work.
She was very pleased and let me know how accurate I was.

From: Myrtlelyn Lyn Volpicelli <redfeather333@>
To: Mimi Shores <mimi@>
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2013 7:06 AM
Subject: RE: Your reading

Blessings Mimi,

I am ready to work on your Reading now

The 1st thing I am seeing is a set of hands getting a manicure.
I dark, but brighter red shade of polish. Holiday Color.
I feel as though this represents you.

I am hearing Holiday Makeover and feel that you will get a new look for the Holidays.
Or it may be after the Holidays, but I feel as though there is a new you about to be born.
New style, new attitude and I’m told watch out world – here she comes.

I think this is a very positive vision, indeed.
I feel as though you will be ready to take on anything and anyone.
Recharged. Ready for anything.

I feel you need to brighten your wardrobe some and get yourself out in the Public’s Eye ??
No idea what that means, but keep it in mind.

I am seeing you at a podium and speaking to a group of people.
This looks like an auditorium of some sort.

I am also hearing Politics ?? Possibly connected to you in some way.
Helping out a local politician in some way.
I have no clue, it may just mean the term Politics as in Politics as usual??
Just keep it in mind.

I am hearing better days ahead, just hold tight, work will pay off.
I feel this is connected to your writing.

I am hearing Book signing and feel this will be your 1st published best seller.
I am sure there is a best seller coming out of you. I keep hearing Blue Ribbon/1st prize??

Storm brewing.

I feel this is more on a personal level. I feel as though the next year ahead you
will become much more independent, self-assured and there will be a reckoning
day on the home front. It will not be planned. You will just all of a sudden snap- enough is enough.
You will tell it like it is – take it or leave it!

The year ahead is going to be a year of change.
Things will get better and better. Slowly at 1st and then will pick up speed.

I feel there will be a new you this year coming.

The makeover is not just on the outside. It will be on the inside too.
You will look better, feel better and, like a speeding train, forging ahead,
you will run people down if they get in your way to success.

You are done living the way you do.
Things are going to be more the way you want them to be, regardless.

I am hearing your husband does not want you to actually be successful.
He wants to be the one who gets all the Glory. Doesn’t want to share.

Very one-sided. He thinks the sun rises and sets just for
him and he has a rude awakening coming.

I feel you will be much more successful and the money will be good.

I feel as though this will be your year for new beginnings. Change is coming.
I am not so sure he is coming with it.
I feel as though you want to move forward he wants to stay stagnant
In order to keep moving ahead you may have to leave him behind.

Spirit says he is a boat anchor. You do not need his negativity nor do you need
the added stress he brings to your life. You can tell him how it is,
how it will be, and give him that chance,but in the long run, you will do it all on your own.

You will prove yourself to him as well as to yourself. You can and will be a success.
You will be financially able to live on your own, in a home that is to your liking.
Not a huge home, but a nice home. This home will have a nice yard and a nice view.
You will not be in the same area where you are now. There is a move involved.
I see you will be re-locating, possibly within the same state, but a distance from where you are now.

I pick up Fall, September with this. I feel it is next year, but could be 2 years.
My Time frames are not always able to tell years.

I am seeing a ranch style home. Lighter shades of Brick and White trim. Looks like an attached
Carport with a door- like a Garage. I see 1 garage door.
It is white and has decorative windows at the top.

The mailbox is a stand-alone and is at the edge of the front yard, at the street.
It is like a country or county HWY.

Not really in the city limits, but not far. There is a body of water near by-
I believe it is actually a river??
Dark water. Boat ramps.
A nice place to go to think when there is no-one there.

It is time to start thinking about you. Relax more, stress less.
Ride the wave. Go with the flow for now.
You are going to do well. I really keep getting Published Author.
I feel this is how you need to relax. Calming music, solitude, and writing.

Take more time for you and less time for people
who do not appreciate you and what you do for them.

Please send me any questions or comments about your reading.
Enjoy your weekend.
Candles are lit

Blessed Be ,

Myrtlelyn’s Psychic Parlor ~
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” ~ Einstein


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