Solitary Celebration For Samhain



I have created my Celebration from things I have learned over the years and the Prayers and Blessings were researched on-line.

These pages are printable and you are welcome to them.

, or research online and come up with your own. It is actually better if you create it yourself and use what you find as a guide. Sometimes I do this and other times I don’t. The choice is yours.

You can choose to Celebrate Alone or with a few like minded friends and family.  Either way works.

Samhain 1

Samhain 2Samhain 3

Samhain 4

Samhain 5

Samhain 6




About Myrtlelyn

I am a Witch and proud to say so.Mother , Grandmother and Kitty Mama. I love Nature. Especially anything water related. I collect, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed, stones, feathers and anything good I find I am a Daughter of the Goddess. My hobbies include Photography, Drawing, And Crafting with Beads.
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4 Responses to Solitary Celebration For Samhain

  1. nimslake says:

    Beautiful! Lovely with the apple theme throughout. I love to do bread sweets and nuts. Great grounders for post ritual.

    Liked by 1 person

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