From My Book Of Shadows to yours with my Blessings


I am adding Spell Recipes and information from my personal Book Of Shadows. Feel free to copy and use them the way they are or use them as a guide and add or subtract and make your own.

Not all in my book or Pages I may add are my own original materials. I may have used items or Prayers from other people and authors.

Eventually I will be creating a really cool BOS from a Wedding Album with Wooden covers and a nice cut out for a photo. That book will have a lot of printed pages. I will be including a few of these as well.

An Offering To The Lord and Lady- 3/13/98


2 white Altar Candles

1 Lavendar Candle

1 Guardian Angel 7 Day Candle-or you can use a Pink 7 Day Candle.

Anoint all candles with Heliotrope Oil.

Your Censer or Cauldron in the middle.

1 Altar candle on each side, the Lavendar candle behind it and the

7 day candle in front of it.

The Mixture to be burned on self lighting charcoal-


Cinnamon, Ground

Myrtle Leaves

Juniper Berries

Myrrh Resin Ground

Heather Flowers

Frankincense Ground







We should always burn an offering to our Lord and Lady- Goddess/ God for the help we receive from them.

This is the mix and set up I use. I then say a prayer of Thanks for all I have received. I usually just speak what comes to my head at the time.

Protection and Banishing Ritual- August 2, 1996

Mixture To Be Burned-


Copal Resin Ground


Dragon’s Blood Resin Ground


Myrrh Ground

Frankincense Ground





Say the following while walking through your home or the space that needs this Ritual.Let the smoke permeate area well and say:

Any and All negative entities or Demons, Evil Be Gone !! You are not welcome here. I demand you leave now !!

When this has been completed to your satisfaction open the doors 1 at a time and spread salt across the whole thresh holds and around the outside perimeter of the property. Remember- this is important and you do not care what people say or think.

To finish this Ritual anoint a 7 African Power candle with Sandalwood oil and burn it in a prominent part of the home or space.

Psychic Power Oil-8/10/96

This is an amazing oil for helping to strengthen Psychic abilities

You will use Sunflower Oil as your base Oil in a Glass, airtight bottle, vial or jar.

Grind the following Herbs as fine as you can get them and add to the oil-



Dittany Of Crete Leaves

Coriander seeds

Frankincense Tears Ground

Add the following oils-

Use the amount of oil you feel comfortable with between 10 and 15 drops.



Dragon’s Blood




Shake gently or Roll the bottle every couple of days. Store in a nice cool dark and dry place. Let it strengthen for about a month.

On the night of the Full Moon ,set it out in the Moonlight to be blessed and strengthened with the energies of the Full Moon.

You can strain through cheesecloth or leave the herbs in the jar.

I prefer not to strain.

Spirit Attraction- To be burned during a Seance’ or Circle- 3/14/98


Grind as fine as possible so this mix is like a powdered incense.

Dittany Of Crete Leaves



Copal Resin

Dragon’s Blood

Dandelion Root


Princess Pine


Flax Seeds


Oils To Be Added-






When I create Mixtures and they work well, they are included in my BOS. I have hundreds of recipes etc. I only chose my favorites for this BOS. I am now sharing some of them with you.

Healing- Especially For Heart Trouble –

2 white Altar Candles

White 7 day

Light Blue Candle of choice

Censer in the middle with an Altar candle on each side .

White 7 day on the left and Blue to the right.

Anoint the candles with Eucalyptus oil.

Mixture  –

Herbs  –














Dragon’s Blood

The Petition/Prayer   to be said while mixture and candles are                                                                                                                                                                                                               burning.   Let the Divine Healing Energies and Love touch and Bless the mind and body of ________Especially the heart and all the vital parts of the heart..Bless the Spirit and reach out to ______’s Faith in the Goddess/ God Healing Powers. So will that Faith bring health and well being to _____. To the Body, To the Spirit .                                                                     May this small flame draw the mighty Healing Rays of Thy Spirit,so that the body may be returned to it’s natural state of well being.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          So Mote It Be )O(


About Myrtlelyn

I am a Witch and proud to say so.Mother , Grandmother and Kitty Mama. I love Nature. Especially anything water related. I collect, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed, stones, feathers and anything good I find I am a Daughter of the Goddess. My hobbies include Photography, Drawing, And Crafting with Beads.
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12 Responses to From My Book Of Shadows to yours with my Blessings

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13.


  2. lelahb39 says:

    how kind of you to share your spells!


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    I really liked that you put a piece of yourself and your beliefs out for others

    It will be of great help to those interested in learning


    • Blessings Hocuspocus,
      Thank you. I am happy to be able to help others with my own knowledge. I will be adding more in the future. I had been moving in with my daughter and have not had a lot of time to work on my site 🙂
      Settling in , so now it is time to get busy.People like you who appreciate my efforts and knowl;edge are exactly why I do this.
      Have a Wonderful week
      Blessed Be,

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      • hocuspocus13 says:

        I read how some new to the Craft and those who appear true about it, don’t know where to start…and so on

        And I’m looking forward to your work, I always add to mine

        Something new to learn around every corner

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      • Thank you. I am happy you are enjoying it. I have taught people on a face to face, but it is now I feel it is time to just put it out on line to help those I can. We never will know everything nor always agree, but it is so nice to be able to learn from others and have them learn from us.

        Blessed Be )O(

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  4. Wow!

    Very nice. Maybe I should re-release some of my old workings too. I always thought that when with a group, everyone who participated in rituals and ceremonies should get a full copy of the ritual/ceremony, in written form, for his/her personal Book of Shadows. This was something I always tried to do whenever I conducted the ritual or ceremony for the group. However, a select few always wanted to keep theirs in as few hands as possble. (Yet, they always wanted the convenience of a copy of someone else’s work. Hmmm! So that they could re-utilize some of the material AND take the credit as if their own.)


    Keeping credit alive where it is due, is best accomplished by being the first to publicly publish that which you have designed, written, and used, freely, so that others may have some ideas to build on. – That is the beauty of the internet!

    Please have a Blessed Day and Evening!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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