I Call Myself Witch

Psychic Witch Myrtlelyn


I Call Myself Witch.
I am a unique Individual, and it shows in my style.
I normally practice alone. Sometimes with a few special people.

We are all solitary, but we enjoy celebrating together at times.

As a Witch ,I use my personal energies, alongside the energies and the natural powers of nature.  Crystals, Stones, Herbs and such.

In my opinion Magick is neutral and natural. It becomes Dark, Light, or Grey by the way it is used by the Practitioner.
Magick is all around us, every day. Just look around you. Pay attention to Mother Nature.
Storms, Sunsets, Sunrises, Rainbows, Birds , Plants, Trees , Animals Etc .

I have been handed knowledge from family members, and other practitioners,
some of which had great herbal knowledge, strong psychic abilities, and
excellent healing powers. I combine this with Information I have gathered over
the years. Many, Many, books. Through this knowledge , I have created my style of Witchcraft or Wicca if you prefer.
I have also taught many people over the years, my methods and beliefs.

I use a combination of Sea, Folk, Sympathetic Magick along with bits and pieces of some Voodoo. I consider it just simple, natural Magick. I am not one for a lot of Ritual, although I do add some bits of High Magick at times , I am not really drawn to all the ritual. I prefer a simpler method. More natural, less ritual.

I am Pagan, I am a Witch ,I believe in an Afterlife, Reincarnation,and Summerland.
Personally ,I have no belief in the Devil or in the concept of Hell.
Satan is not a part  of my deity structure. I believe in Negative energies, and entity, earth-bound  or low spirits.

I have my negative moments, just like everyone else. I try to cancel these thoughts.
Change it to something more positive. It is not easy. Especially when angry.
I always try to get a handle on my anger. Anger is one of the most dangerous emotions,
as far as I am concerned. Anger can do a lot of damage. Usually, regretted later.

I am an ordinary person, just like you. I live a very simple life, I struggle just like everybody else. I am a Mother , Grandmother and Wife. My abilities are Natural and have
nothing to do with the Supernatural.

Unfortunately, there are those who use the term Witch quite loosely. These are people who are  looking for attention. You also have the few  who  are rebelling against their parents and against organized religion.

On the other side of the coin, there are many, many, sincere seekers.
They know this is their path. It has called to them. They want to learn, experience and grow in their knowledge. Some are like sponges and can not get enough.
These people, are the type of people who I have gladly helped, over the years.

My Motto is-Read all you can. Use what feels right to you ,forget the rest.
I love good Old Fashioned Folk Magick. It is natural and can be personalized. I really like that. I am not so much into the whole Ceremonial Magick, nor I am I inclined to be a part of a coven. This is my Personal choice. I prefer to do things my way , and when I feel it is appropriate.

 I enjoy creating and doing my own Rituals. This includes Celebrations, Spells and Ceremonies.  I am very in Tune with Nature.  Especially Animals and Water.

I like  to live in peace, not always so easily done.

I try to live by the following Guide lines-

The Law of Three:

What you send out you receive back Threefold. Good Or Negative.
The more Negative your thoughts, the more Negativity comes into your life.

The Law of Cause & Effect:

The things you say and do have effects on other people and their lives.
So be nice!

You have heard of Karma. This is the way you are rewarded, or not, for your actions and thoughts. Good or not. This is why we have so many Karmic relationships and even Soulmates.
Lessons need to be learned and business must be finished. No matter how many incarnations it takes.

The Law Of Attraction –

Negative draws Negative and Positive draws Positive.

These are important things to consider when you feel like being mean or
want to get even for something. You will only hurt yourself in the end. Revenge is a normal emotion or reaction, but if you wait until you cool off, you will see there are better ways to handle a negative situation.

I do not believe Revenge Spells, Curses, Hexes or Negative Magick in general  is the best way to handle a situation. I try to find a better way. But, do NOT, take advantage of my Good Nature.


About Myrtlelyn

I am a Witch and proud to say so.Mother , Grandmother and Kitty Mama. I love Nature. Especially anything water related. I collect, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed, stones, feathers and anything good I find I am a Daughter of the Goddess. My hobbies include Photography, Drawing, And Crafting with Beads.
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2 Responses to I Call Myself Witch

  1. liz says:

    Very much like your website I am a similar age and have the same beliefs. I live in the u.k.


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