Making a Spell Mix with Herbs, Roots, and Oils

How To Create A Spell Mixture- Magick And Ritual 

Magick Is Natural and it is Neutral. It becomes either Positive / White or Negative / Dark / Black by the way it is used. I Prefer to think of myself as Grey- In The Middle. I do not do harm or curses, but I do not hesitate to send something back to someone who wishes me harm.

Magick or A Spell is a blend of Natural Energies and your own personal power.
It is used to bend and to shape, the energies around us. To bring needed change.

It can also be used to release or remove negative energies.
Whether they come from people or situations.

Spells are enhanced with concentration,visualization and focus.
Energies from Colors, Stones, Oils, Candles ,Herbs, and Symbols.
Magick or Spellcasting is like a booster shot. It works to enhance the actions to bring the desired results. Magick needs something or somewhere to work from. Never depend on Magick or a Spellcasting alone. Always Remember– Be Careful what you wish for, you might just get it!!!

Phases Of The Moon and Magick-

New Moon-
Especially Good for  New Beginnings,Projects, Any Positive Magick. The Time between the New Moon and the Full Moon is used for Increase. A Good time for Self Dedication, Wiccanings and Handfastings.

The Full Moon-
Esbat Celebration.

A very Powerful time for any Psychic or Spell work.
Connect To The Goddess, Self Dedication. Wiccanings, Handfastings.

The Waning Moon-
This is a time for Decrease !!
A time for Releasing, Healing,Psychic and Protection. A good time to send negative energy back, Cleansings.

Do Not Do any Spells for Increase during this Phase–It may Backfire.

How To make Spell mixtures:

1st do your research, then write it all down, Then get all the ingredients together.

Next, you will Grind each Herb, Resin or Root, seperately while Concentrating on your intentions. Feel your energies and intent going into each ingredient. Put in the mixing bowl, preferably wood or glass.
When all is ground to your satisfaction, you can add the oils. Mix well while concentrating on your need or purpose. Again feel that energy soaring into the mixture, See it as a violet light like lightning coming out the tips of your fingers and into your mixture.  Know that it is powerful. Know that it will work. Keep mixing the mix through your fingers keep charging it until you can feel it is done and ready to be packaged or used.

If you have extra or are making mixes ahead, always package in an air tight container.

Label and date the mixture. You need to know what it is and when it was made.

Spell Mixture/ Loose Incense–Instructions for use:

These mixtures can be used by burning them on self lighting charcoal or by sprinkling them.
You can also use them in a Potpourri burner. Add them to pouches,Special little spell bags, Stuff poppets with them. Be creative in your use.

To burn:

You should have the Altar all set and ready to go before lighting the charcoal.

Protection shield and the opening of the circle, then Light the candles and stick incense if you are using one. Have everything on the Altar and in place that you are using for your spell. 

Use a fireproof container with some sand or salt in it. Cast Iron Cauldron with a top and a handle is the best. Light the charcoal, It should spark and smoke a bit. Now,place it in container.

Once it is good and hot and ready to use, sprinkle some mixture on it. Concentrate on the purpose of your spell. Again see that purple or violet lightning coming out of your fingers and into your cauldron.
Use as much as you feel is right. A lot or a little doesn’t matter. Just know that this will be smokey, you should crack a window so it can be freed into the Universe and help with the smoke inside the room. It may have a nice order and it may stink depending on your mixture.

To sprinkle:
Depending on your purpose, will depend on how or where you sprinkle the mix.
It can be sprinkled in cash registers, tip jars, doorways, shoes, pathways, just about anywhere.
Go with your gut instincts. This is used like a powder and will need to be really good and ground.

This can also be used as potpourri or put in a bit of water and simmer on the stove. You can place it in a decorative  glass dish as dry Potpourri. You can simmer into an herbal infusion and strain into your bath.

Opening Your Circle ~ The Start Of A Ritual~

You will start by Opening your Circle. You can do this by drawing an actual circle and going around it with salt -sea salt that has been blessed or  if you want the whole room as your circle then you can use the following method~
This is the way I Open mine, this is not the way everyone does theirs.
Go with your gut feelings and be creative.
Have the Altar set up in advance-Candles, Charms, Petitions, Stones etc. Pick up your Athame’, Concentrate on Power-Your Power- See it as a bright Purple Light, flowing from you into your fingers and into the Athame’. 

Concentrate on Protection and opening your Magick space. Then, in the air, carve a Pentagram. See it as a Purple Neon , Flowing with Power. Now it is time for an opening Prayer~Recite your opening Prayer, this should be done aloud but can be done in silence if need be.

The following is just a simple traditional opening prayer~

Opening the Circle 

The circle is open, but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess
Go in our hearts
Merry meet, merry part
and merry meet again!- Traditional

Opening Prayer For Spellwork – Myrtlelyn

Dearest Goddess/God , Hear my Plea.
Come and join me in my Circle.
Bring your energy to my Sacred space.
Help me know I have the ability and strength to help those in need.
I ask this in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
For The Good Of All.
So Mote It Be.

Opening Prayer for Spell Casting- Myrtlelyn

I call upon the powers of Diana and Pan.
I ask for your help and Divine guidance.
Surround me with the white light of protection.
Guide me with Power and Strength.
To see that this spell is true and correct, for the good of all.
So Mote It Be.

Ring the Bell 5 times- once for each of the elements and 1 time for Spirit.

Now Invoke / Or Call Upon The Elements.

The following is a Traditional Invocation Prayer ~

Invoking Elements to Open The Circle~

By the earth that is her body,
By the air that is her breath,
By the fire of her spirit,
By the waters of her womb,
As above, so below,
The circle is made whole.- Traditional

Now light the Left Or Goddess Candle , then light the Right or God Candle.
Light any other Candles you are using, from left to right for Increase and from Right to Left for Decrease. Light your Stick or Cone Incense.

Light your Charcoal Block.

While doing all this concentrate on your Intent.
When the charcoal is hot and ready to use,Take a few deep breaths, bring in the white light of Protection,Count yourself down,into Alpha,–this takes practice.

Visualize what you want -see it as done. Concentrate. Channel all your energy into this spell.
Now Burn some of the Spell mixture. When you feel you have burned enough mixture you can
now burn Pictures, Nails,Hair, Petitions ,Affirmations etc.

Keep concentrating. If you have hair , nails, handwriting or a photo-better yet.
These can be added into the Spell work in many different ways-be creative.

When the candles have burned at least 1/3 of the way , down , you can close the circle. This should be repeated , 3 days,7 days or 9 days.
If you want to do a 1 day Spell, the candles must finish burning before being put out.They may burn themselves out , depending on the type of candles you are using. I prefer tealights for safety factors.

Never close your Circle until you feel it is time.
To close the circle, Thank Goddess / God, Spirit Guides and Helpers for coming and aiding you in your time of need.

Closing Prayer For Spellwork- Myrtlelyn

Lady Diana, Lord Pan, Thank you for attending my Ritual.
For all of your Divine guidance, energy and Power.
I close this Circle knowing that the Spell is in Motion.
So Mote It Be.

Closing Prayer For Spellwork – Myrtlelyn

Thank you Goddess / God for gracing me with your
Presence and your Power. I can always feel when you are here,
working side by side with me.Helping me to help others and myself.
I thank you for all you do, however great or small.
Blessed Be.

SNUFF out the candles in the reverse that you lit them.
This will scatter the energies and weaken or even destroy the Spell.

Now Carve The Pentagram into the Air and ring the Bell.- 5 times.

This is to release The Goddess / God and all the spirit helpers, guides, elements eyc. that were working right beside you.

Simple Psychic Ritual~

Take a cleansing bath. Air dry. Set up your space.
Use a Purple candle anointed with Lemon Grass Oil,Sweetgrass,Sandalwood,or a Good Psychic Power Oil.

 Surround the candle with quartz crystals and amethyst crystals.

You can add some fresh flowers to your table. The Spirits Love Fresh Flowers. I usually get carnations, sometimes 1 single rose.

Ask that only the highest level Spirit comes in.
Ask to be surrounded by a strong protective white light. Surround yourself , anyone with you including animals. Surround the whole space you are working in. You can even surround the whole building. 

Do a twenty minute Meditation. 

You are now Physically and  Spiritually prepared for any type of Psychic work. 

Tarot, Crystals, Scrying, Seance’ Channeling, etc.

Psychic Power Prayer~

I invite Friends and Loved Ones that have passed, Spirit Guides and Helpers,
Only The Highest Spirits, are welcome into my Circle.
Work with me. Make yourselves known to me.

Help me to receive and understand messages.
Open wide the Minds Eye,that I may see events which are to be.

May I become conscious of everyone and everything around me.  Everything that I see, touch, feel, taste and smell. May my senses become one with the Universe. Help me to connect and commune with The water elementals,

Water Goddesses, Sprites, Mermaids, Imps And all Undines.

I ask This In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
For The Good Of All.
This is my will.
So Mote It Be

Spirit Communication and Past Lives –

I ask that I become conscience of Spirit. That I may communicate clearly and freely.

I ask that Only The Highest Of Spirit come To Me.
Help me to connect with my Guides , Angels, Loved Ones and Friends who have passed.
Help me to receive and understand the messages that are meant for me.
Help me to connect to my Past Lives. Help me to understand the connection between them and my present life.
Help me to understand who I was and why I am who I am Now.
I ask This In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
For The Good Of All.
This is my will.
So Mote It Be

The Following are 2 Rather Easy Spell Recipes-
These are my own ,so feel free to use them or to change them around.


Sea Salt
Sandalwood or Sandalwood Oil
Myrrh oil


Working With Spirit Guides

Orange flowers or peel
Sandalwood ( White)
Myrrh or Myrrh oil
Orange oil




About Myrtlelyn

I am a Witch and proud to say so.Mother , Grandmother and Kitty Mama. I love Nature. Especially anything water related. I collect, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed, stones, feathers and anything good I find I am a Daughter of the Goddess. My hobbies include Photography, Drawing, And Crafting with Beads.
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