Sea Magick

In my opinion Sea Magick is very powerful. It Utilizes the element of

Water. Since I am a Water sign, I am very drawn to this type of Magick.

Usually worked by the Sea , but if no Ocean is available any body of water can be used.
Lakes, Rivers,even a Bath tub can be used. Maybe we should call it water Magick.

Placing Ocean water , Beach sand, Shells, Stones, or anything picked up on the Beach,
can be used to draw the power of the SEA.

This is a great way to Connect with the Goddess.
Natural Sea Amulets are very powerful and full of Goddess energy.

You can create a Sea Altar and it will have a strong connection to the Goddess.
It will energize and strengthen meditations, psychic work, as well as any spell work.

This Altar can be used for any type of Magickal work but isespecially good for Psychic Work, Money or Finances , including Employment.
It also works well for Love, Peace, Friendship, Relationships,and connecting with Goddess , God and our Guides.




About Myrtlelyn

I am a Witch and proud to say so.Mother , Grandmother and Kitty Mama. I love Nature. Especially anything water related. I collect, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed, stones, feathers and anything good I find I am a Daughter of the Goddess. My hobbies include Photography, Drawing, And Crafting with Beads.
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2 Responses to Sea Magick

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    the power of the ocean, natural salted water, I’m only a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and I find wonderful things along the beach…

    drawn to the water even though I’m an Air sign and the rest is history…

    enjoyed reading



  2. Blessings Jinxx,
    So happy you enjoyed it. I too used to live a couple of blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, Now I am about 3 hrs. But I have so many collected treasures, sand and water with me 🙂 I could not ever be without a part of the ocean. We have beautiful lakes and large rivers as well as mountain streams/ creeks, but it does not replace the ocean in my heart.
    I am so sure you can relate to that feeling 🙂


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