About Myrtlelyn


I was born with Psychic  gifts, as so many in my family have. Not all acknowledge them, and many have passed over.

I started showing my gifts at about 2 or 3 years old. It started with my dreams. Prophetic dreams-nightmares. I have communicated with Spirit. This includes Guides, Loved ones and Friends . Sometimes, I am even Blessed with an animal.

I call myself a Witch. That is who I am. A Pagan, Spiritual and Magickal.

Eclectic, which is a newer term, but it works for me. It describes my Witchcraft the best of all the labels I have heard.I really hate labels anyway.

I am a little more on the Gray side. I join bits and pieces of different things I have learned over the years and mix it up some. My Own Style, but it  works. Folk , Sympathetic, and  Sea Magick are my favorites. My manner of Magick is a positive aspect in my life and the others I have helped in the past.

I love working with the Elements of Nature.  I am not afraid to throw back what is sent out and then some. There’s that Gray 🙂

I have been learning since about the age of 10. I am still learning. Magick is a vast subject , something we will never know everything about and can learn something new every day. I do not like the term Wicca. It has changed so much over the years. I am not sure how to take Modern Wicca.

I prefer my own style- Eclectic – Solitary.

Being a Witch does not mean you will never have problems. We are only human. It does mean living our lives in a certain way. Being a Witch for me is a way of life,every day. I do not just use it when I need it as some do. I feel this is not the way a true Witch lives. I include Witchcraft in my way of life every day.

I am the Mother of 2 children and Grandmother of 3. I have 2 beautiful cats that I share my life with. Until July 24, 2017 , I had my soulmate, best friend, True Love. He passed on July 24, 2017. I miss him more than I can explain.


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