Lyn Volpicelli -AKA -Myrtlelyn

About Psychic Witch Myrtlelyn



I am a Witch, A Psychic and Medium.

I was born with Psychic abilities, as so many in my family have. Not all acknowledge them, and many have passed over.

I  communicate with Spirit. Guides, Loved ones and Friends . Sometimes, I am even Blessed with an animal.

I am a Solitary Practitioner Of Witchcraft and Wicca, although,I do not like the term Wicca. It has changed so much over the years. I am not sure how to take Modern Wicca. I call myself a Witch. That is who I am.

Eclectic, which is a newer term, but it works for me. It describes my Witchcraft the best of all the labels I have heard.
I join bits and pieces of different things I have learned over the years and mix it up some. My Own Style, but it  works. Folk , Sympathetic, and  Sea Magick are my favorites.